• bhawnas 60w

    The Elder one

    I met a girl and felt sad for her
    because life has not been fair with her
    She is of my daughter's age
    But working at home without any wage
    No appreciation only deprivation
    No increments only disagreements
    She is living a life of a labour
    The only explanation is that she being elder
    She got bruises and marks
    On her refusal
    She has to take care of everything
    From cooking, mopping and dusting
    Elders can't help because they are old
    The younger one is told to behold
    As if she is the only one who has to hold the reins of life
    The other one is gifted with presents of drife
    If one is taught the realities of life,
    Then why the other one is deprived of such sights
    I don't understand why life is so different for both the girls
    When life won't spare any of us
    If she can work since the age of ten
    Then why there is the relaxation for the other one
    The elder one is asked to cut down her expenses
    The younger one has everything at her dispenses
    I feel the parents should not create this difference
    They should treat them equally with equal maintenance
    The girl has been trained well to take care of her sister
    Then why the other one not taught to respect your the elder
    If the elder one adjusts to the finances of the house
    Then similiar should be done with younger one to douse
    Whenever I compare her with my daughter and her friends
    I feel sad for how much she has to carry on her errands
    At this age the responsibility has been entrusted on her shoulders
    She carries them on without any blunders
    She would have been happy if everyone contributes
    Then life would have been easy and enhance her attributes
    I always pray to the Almighty
    Please make her future gay and mighty
    She has suffered a lot for her age
    Bedowed her with success at the later stage

    Bhawna 31st May 2020