• the_conteur 45w

    All of us with our social media hashtags
    I ask you
    Do you care?

    In an year from now, will you remember
    The ones whose deaths we so loudly protest?
    Do you care?

    Inside our hearts, does it matter?
    Or are we but animals,
    Filled with the herd instinct
    Knowing deep within ourselves that
    There is something out there
    Something bad, a horror
    Do we just join the numbers
    To save our skin, to quell that feeling deep within?

    So I ask you,
    Do you care?

    Do you want clout, or to change all that we post about?
    Do you want to act,be bold and express opinion
    Or rather show indifference, copy paste your statuses about
    Making a difference?

    #floyd #georgefloyd #racism #discrimination #issues

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    Do you care?

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