• pen_pusher 14w

    It came in my mind long ago'
    How can I get rid of every kind of addiction
    In my life!
    Not just every junkie out there is an addict...
    This is tough to describe one's self..
    Doing things which make me high, be it I never touch no drug or drink!
    I kept another sort of addiction within me self...!
    Found it hard to get over....!
    What if I'm addicted to the never ending attachment with some one!
    It's well understood that when you limitlessly go high, you do stupid things and feel nothing at all. Your level of numbness increases and finally you just OD at some point!
    Same happens my way, I regard attachment as a fear of an addict, I understand that it's the thing we can't live without but on the same time, we also fear if we OD at some level....
    When we fly we don't care about almost anything
    And the next day when we get sober we can't stand our modes to get shifted to what if we still be in ecstasy, why so soon!
    I wonder this is how attachment of any person or thing makes you suffer,
    You want to feel nothing yet you remember such things and want to get rid of it and keep it safe at the same time!
    When you try to forget it, your get yourself out of control and when you try to live with it,
    It makes you wanna get out of urself still then!
    Isn't it a serious, whole new level of getting Odied every moment,
    Every minute where there's no chance I'd getting sober at all....