• thanewb 79w

    I think i said i love you

    I think i said i love you
    I didn't mean to

    I mean, i don't know you
    At least, not how i want to

    I mean really
    It would be silly

    To fall for someone who you really
    Know nothing about

    Would you mind helping me up

    I just experienced something different
    You give back and it's like you meant it

    Like i don't know what evils you deal with
    But while i was trying to encourage you, you gave me strength

    I want no credit for your success
    But you give it

    I know enough about you to know that no matter what
    I dont want to lose it

    It being your time that you share with no regard
    Your heart that you've shown me without the guard

    I mean I've known a lot of people
    But your shine is brighter than all the stars

    Like, if i could
    I'd go alone with you to mars

    Thinking of your smile was enough for me to smile

    I think i said i love you
    I didn't mean to

    But i do

    Your energy is so dope
    In a world full of darkness you gave me hope

    I've never had someone share their heart
    But yours was a fresh start

    One that i needed
    And now my heart is impeding

    On a love that it never knew
    Without competing

    You are a perfect complete example of
    you get back what you put out

    You gave time, attention and affection
    for me that's more than enough

    I think i said i love you
    I didn't mean too
    But i meant it

    I saw your heart and i felt it
    Just because you tried i melted

    I apologize if i scared you
    But I'll never be sorry i care for you