• revz94 27w

    Social Media

    Another important message
    Kindly note:

    Nowadays social media platforms are becoming a threat for all. There is so much news regarding this. Such as blackmailing using inappropriate content and calling people from fake IDs and asking for help or even blackmail with our photos by morphing them like. So beware of people who are sending you requests and we may not get much time for checking and all. But what you can do is kindly don't attend any calls or video calls from strangers. If a stranger is not revealing themselves and if they are trying to call u then be sure that it's a trap. So don't fall into such traps

    I heard news like these people target people who are having a good name in society. And be sure u r talking to the right person. This world is not always a good place for a soft heart.
    If ever u became a victim also don't do whatever that person is asking you because that doesn't define you who you are. anyone can simply download photos and make videos or morph.
    And please don't respond to any chats if it does not serve you well. Some people are like that. That should not affect our lives.

    Happy living..
    God bless