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    Broken heart

    He called me twice but call didn't connected due to some network issues.

    He : calls me again ...after an hour.
    She : picked up the call
    He : starts yelling about not picking his call an hour before..
    Where were you ?
    Why didn't you picked my call?
    She : I didn't received your call. There is no call from you an hour before
    He : how can be that possible? It ringed
    She : could be possible Idk might be a network issue
    He : liar ...
    She : I'm not a liar.
    He : so I am lying then
    She : neither of it ...I'm just saying it's a network issue. I didn't received any call from you an hour before. Teri kasam
    He : liar ...liar ....liar
    She : I am not lying
    He : yehi sunna baki reh gya tha ...liar
    She : l am sending you a screenshot of call log check it out
    He : received the screenshot ...oh
    You might have deleted it to prove your
    She : why would I do that? I swear I didn't received any call from you. Believe me
    He : I don't believe you
    She : trust me. (Said in an upset tone)
    He : (disconnected the call)

    After 10 mins
    He called again

    She :picks up the call and remained silent
    He : I'm sorry
    She : sorry for what?
    He : for teasing you baby
    She : teasing? What do you mean?
    He : I called you but call didn't connected. I knew this
    She : I hate you . Don't talk to me
    He : sorry.. sorry
    She : maza aata hai tumme mujhe pareshan krne mei .
    He : yes..coz I lov u