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    Inside the glass , here is , surviving in the time frame
    Garden , here is any moment of life
    Bouquet of flowers are bunch of memories
    Chords are laughs and smiles ; chorus is atmosphere
    Museum , here is life
    Trapped diamond , here is food , plateau is plates/lunchbox
    Ignite ,here is hot afternoon
    Indicators , here is parent
    Refraction into flights , here is improvisation into success
    Stars ,here is energy
    Leading while falling , here is happiness and gloom .
    Silvery colours , here are currency coins
    Proclaiming aura of stygian fermented at last , here is , sharing sorrowful memories happened before.
    Notes of Guitar , here is peaceful momentum
    Cheerful clouds , here is small / child's world
    Dwarf, here is negligible presence

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    Inside the glass frozen by the time
    Shading lifelong poetry , I'm still a rhyme
    As a gatherer in a garden making bouquet of flowers
    Carving profound pearls , I slide and weave the slime

    Immature fingers plays paino of chains
    Half the sector is embellished with planes
    The rest are the chords of chorus in plains
    Watering the museum with profound stains

    Distilled ocean embraced in daylight
    Trapped diamonds are in plateau of ignite
    Holding indicators reflecting laughs at height
    Scrolling through the flawless faults and refraction into flights

    Binding sparkles of divinity as stars
    Leading while falling and adding some scars
    Filling silvery colours and decorating clusters from jars
    Freezing the scenery adopted by twilight in notes of guitars

    Gazer of the boards hidden beneath past
    Proclaiming aura of stygian fermented at last
    Lost in cheerful clouds being plant of dwarf cast
    Diving in midnight summaries as
    " if childhood is assonance then prose is vast " .