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    ~ Poem references:
    • Caterpillar by Christina Rossetti
    • Curious Kids by Gwen Jones
    • Road not taken by Robert Frost
    • Life by Henry Van Dyke
    • I wandered lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth
    • Ball Poem by John Berryman

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    // On life and Poetry //

    I didn't know life,
    when I was 6.
    Until, I met Christina
    who taught me to spin
    and die and to turn again
    like a beautiful butterfly.

    I didn't know life,
    when I was 10.
    Until, I met Jones
    who wanted me to
    be more curious
    and ponder about
    things around me.

    I didn't know life,
    when I was 16,
    Until, I met Robert,
    the one who taught
    me to be wise and
    made me choose
    between the path
    life had offered me.

    I didn't know life,
    When I was 20.
    Until, I met Henry
    he gave me adventures
    to enjoy in life.

    I didn't know life,
    When I was 26.
    Until, I met William
    who gave me a
    bunch of daffodils,
    and helped me seek
    solace and admire

    I didn't know life,
    Until, I met Berryman
    Loosing things and
    gaining responsibility
    was lingering in my mind.

    // And, that's how I learn life wandering amidst poets and running through mountains called life, because I grew burgeon through poems throughout my entire life ~ poetry //