• scribblersecho 45w

    She's All

    Delicate, like adobe, she can cast herself in every way.
    Sinewy, like rock, she holds the realm in her shoulders.
    Moving and reforming, she can quake the world if she has to.
    She's Earth. The world can not stand still on without you.

    Weightless, like a zephyr, she becomes your calm in the chaos.
    Tumultuous, like a hurricane, she brings down the wrath on your foes.
    Most essential for life, she gives the first breath of your life.
    She's Air. The world will never endure without you.

    Alterable, like fluid, she can settle herself in all states.
    Resolute, like a river, erodes every barrier to compose her path.
    Eternally a healer, she is the pinnacle of completion.
    She's Water. The world will not develop without you.

    Illuminating, like a candle, she always shows the right way.
    Scorching, like the sol, the hatred and evil burns off.
    Forever guiding, she conducts us into the unknown.
    She's Fire. The world will obscure without you.

    From birth to death, she takes care of us in every way.
    As a mother, to sister, to lover, to daughter, she tarries all the way.
    But oppressed, deceived, unappreciated, they always endure the hate.
    No more. Put down your guns. Stop blaming all to the feminine one.
    She's all, and all are from her. Time we turn the world to a better one.

    -Siddharth Sinha