• ananya_writes_ 19w

    Self love, self journey, hope, introspect, prose

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    My shadows won't leave my side,
    Fighting all those demons of my life;
    Endless wars, once I’m the winner,
    Next night, on my faith dangles their knife

    Sitting on cold ground,
    Smiling at moon, all shrouded;
    Memories of lost love, burnt to ashes,
    Under the starlight, for just another rebirth

    If you knew, fights I won,
    To get back up, how much I honed;
    If I could be in awe of my scars,
    Instead of all mistakes I owned

    Pray moonlight started a fire
    Burning away broken dreams,
    Dancing in the heart of fire,
    I’ll play the game again, now on my terms

    Born is another me,
    Dangerous as the red halo of sun;
    Loving as the waves in night of storm;
    Same as me, free of what hurt me

    Running through all storms,
    Breaking off rusted hopes, my cursed plight
    Humming my fears to peace,
    Getting back up, never ceasing my flight

    Dare, you would not,
    Ensnared by my light, you’re the moth;
    Made of what scarred me, I’ll scar you
    One wrong move, and it’d be your death