• maestral 7w

    Shadows of my Evenings

    Until the sea recedes in tide
    from the sand upon the shore
    upon which slowly dissolve
    evening shadows
    and some footprints

    Until the glistening amber rocks
    turn green and then grey
    and melt into the diminishing twilight
    and flow silently 
    into another darkness

    Until the fragrance of salt
    and the Chanel of your hair
    coalesce into the soft serene sandal scent
    of your breast 

    and my eternity be measured
    by your heartbeats
    and my cheeks caressed by
    the warmth of your breath

    my head upon your breasts
    covered by the night of your tresses
    and your lips and eyelashes
    touch my skin in whispers

    Until then, Beloved,
    I shall wait upon the edge
    of ocean, sand and Time
    their mists obscuring
    the vision of your absence
    and my waiting grows longer
    than those shadows of my evenings

    Until then I shall listen
    to the last gulls of this evening
    circling around my consciousness

    or to the call of the lapwing
    inevitably beckoning to me

    Until then, my Beloved
    Until then