• rebeltease 30w

    ALL Different

    Our world holds so much hate,
    in a time when we all can relate,
    be a lil more tollerante of others, honestly we are all sisters and brothers,
    if I don’t have your beliefs I’m not bad,
    my beliefs come from experiences I’ve had,
    I do not force my views onto you, why when to your god your true, you see my way of life doesn’t work for all,
    I don’t hate short people cause I’m tall,
    different is how we all were made, it’s not another’s place to dissuade, let others believe what they know to believe,
    let others grieve how they know to grieve,
    there isn’t any one way that is right, we all find our own Devine light,
    life has dealt us all different hands, which set us towards our own godly plans,
    I don’t hate another because of their race,
    nor do I hate others from another place,
    there are bad and good in every culture,
    some are sweet while others are vulgar,
    when we die then we shall be judged,
    religion says we shouldn’t begrudge,
    it’s our gods who will have the honor,
    sit back relax while you ponder