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    To the M E N :
    ( looking for fair faced women )

    Your mother bled pain for four days every month and risked her life to give you birth, and when she held you for the first time she called you her life irrespective of the skin tone you carried but all you learnt to see after opening eyes is a fair face.
    // You look into the mirror and she calls you a prince standing beside but all I see is disgust //

    To the W O M E N :
    ( looking for fair faced men )

    Your father's skin tone is not what he was born with. He gave up on his looks to gather comforts for you and he smiled the widest, called you beauty the first time you curled your fingers around his , irrespective of the colour of your skin. He taught you love and all your eyes learnt was facial beauty.
    // Keep looking for a fair skinned man and I will tell you that loyalty and love has no colour. Disgrace has, the one you are painting yourself in //

    To A N Y O N E :
    ( mocking others on skin tone )

    When was the last time you uplifted a person with your words. I see it never happened because all your words learnt is pushing someone down. Did you know words coming out of your mouth smells like filth and so do you.
    // You paint your room in white and paste a picture a picture of snow white but someday if you fall in a pit, you will hold any hand that comes for help. Helping hands have no colour, right? //

    To the P E O P L E :
    ( in fairness products business )

    Your advertisement is running on all channels. Keep taking sips of pride and never count the number of people for whom you constructed a hell by erasing reason and scribbling garbage on society 's brains.
    // Victory has a colour too that you will never see because you failed each time someone felt inferior because of you //

    To the W O M E N and M E N :
    ( who ever felt less because of skin tone )

    You are an art. Only an artist shall know your value. But don't wait, become one yourself. You have infinite colours in you so paint yourself in the shade you like.
    // The next time they tell you to not pick a very bright colour, wear yellow. Become the sun they can never match their eyes with //



    Even if this writeup makes a percentage change in anyone's life I will be happy so do let me know. And if you have never discriminated people based on skin tone I am proud of you.

    Long. But worth a read.

    | 25th July , 2019 |
    It will be remembered :') , thank you @mirakee for making this POD.

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