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    This poem is also given to anyone needing some loving fatherly advice❤️🌟

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    To my Miraquill friends who read and offer the sweetest words of encouragement, I am facing a hectic week and have some catching up to do on reading your finest words. Looking forward to pausing and reading this weekend or hopefully sooner. Always grateful for my friends here❤️❤️❤️

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    Father Daughter Chat

    We strive to experience love with others.
    This is our natural obsessive state.
    Harmony and open arms, quick to laugh
    Embrace wholly with a kiss.
    There is a reason for this.
    Our Essence, the Soul Stuff,
    The invisible part of who we are,
    Is made of radiant, energetic love
    That only craves to light the way
    In a world rapidly dimming into despair.
    Chain yourself to this Love
    Let it blaze, a beacon firing bright
    Drawing other Soul’s of love.
    Allowing you to express from your truest depths.
    The carnal desire to love a fool
    Only brings agonizing, belittling
    Shards that shred and darken
    Bringing only misery and poetry,
    Rotting flesh in verse.
    Collapsing debris that buries your ability
    To be bright and light.
    When the Soul loves a Soul of love
    This is to live in Heaven on Earth.
    This love makes all things possible.