• jasondulac_slampoet 55w


    Can't tell you what I'm thinking 
    Cause honestly I just don't know
    Life has been going round in circles
    And honestly I'm feeling kind whoa

    Cause it's not like it was before
    I can't seem to read my feelings anymore
    Yet there are times my mind's gone darker
    Than ever has before

    Making me wonder if the fire wall has broken down
    Letting demons enter and exit at there own will
    With the attempt
    To make me fall to the ground

    And let's be honest it's hard to fight when you've been staring at the same four walls
    Everyday and every night
    But let's get one thing straight I have not lost the will to fight 

    I've always had strength
    It just doesn't always show
    I'll keep on fighting
    Cause I never want to hit that ultimate low

    Cause once you've been there
    You never want to go back
    So you stand strong like a wall and take every attack
    Just know there is always more cement to mend the broken cracks