• heartsease 9w

    hibernating hopes and
    halcyon days blooming in(to)
    healed hyacinths, out of all
    hindrances and heartbreaks.
    Holy hearts hunt on peace
    hoarding smiles thrice a day,
    hiding pain in astray.

    Utopian sapiens run
    under saffron skies to
    unite stars and stories
    unraveling cosmos,
    usually to bind
    upbringing universe
    until world rise upwards.

    molding dawned dreams into
    morning glories indeed,
    misfits draping maits of
    modesty in each breath.
    My ruffled emotions are
    manifestation of
    molten triumph beneath.

    an epiphany glean
    along my half senses,
    awakening my eyes
    and soul before dawn breaks
    apocalypse in words.
    Aphorism arrives when
    apathy looks absurd.

    ninth time I discern how
    nostalgia invades
    nights of my well sleeping
    nightmares. I wail and
    notch curtains to bring forth
    nineties novelty
    nudging my(self) in mirror.

    Iris getting darker
    ivory are my flaws,
    inside my blemishes
    I mount perfection.
    Implicit beauty is
    illusion for (my) vision
    in spite of the wisdom.

    Time travels fast today
    than ripples on shores which
    treasure dreams in waves and
    try to hold angst too. But
    tomorrow is a hope
    that ends pew somnolence
    thriving valour gently.

    Yellow tulips betwixt
    young roses on same scale
    yet judged in distinction,
    yearning for uniform
    yield, sunshine, water while
    yacht sail youth in standards
    yodelling valuation.

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️

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    Beauty amplifies when face blooms naked,
    rather than wearing thousand veils
    and glittering facades.