• elisebeth 22w


    I sit, legs folded on the floor
    After throwing the bags off of my shoulder
    I exhaled deeply as my eyes analyze what was in front of me
    What to throw away?
    What to keep?

    As I sift through what seemed to contain everything that has made me, me
    Every experience and every emotion
    Looked back at me as if to say,
    "It's your call now"

    And after much deliberation I decided not to throw a single thing
    But instead change the way I carried them
    I seperated my experiences into different bags
    Putting regret, heartbreak and betrayal in one and calling it life lessons
    Happy moments were placed in treasured memories
    Hardship was placed under resilience and strength

    Now, whenever I'm in need of these things
    I pick the bag I need the most
    © bits_of_liz