• annogami 6w

    The laugh of Heinz nok

    Standing straight in the middle of the dessert
    Right infront of a door but nothing
    People who crossed him often maintained distance
    As they saw him grin and holding his laugh
    It was strange to see him such
    He was never tired or fell asleep
    Few ages passed away
    People had woven stories about him
    Most of them were claiming him to be
    the door keeper of mysterious world
    Few more ages passed away
    A young lady who got lost in dessert
    And being lost hope on her life due to thirst
    Comes across him
    He looks directly at her and tries to hold his laugh
    She goes near him and asks for help
    Holding his laugh he points her
    to the door behind him
    She looks at the door
    And notices something's written on the top of it.
    She reads it loud as "not a door...!!!!"
    Hearing that, Finally he laughs openly
    And watching him laugh
    Even though being confused about the situation
    She joins him and tends to laugh out loud.