• sinjanb93 26w

    A Gift To Remember

    He struck the knocker on the door, and in a few brief seconds heard a slanting noise with some momentary shifts.

    The door parted slightly, giving view to a quarter of an inch of wrinkled mass.

    "Yessss",stretched the old woman.

    "Mrs. Crowford? I was sent by George and son antiquities......You were looking to pass on an old inheritance of lesser value",inquired Mr. George Beckett.

    The old woman had a suspicious frown for about five brief seconds, before taking in what was being asked.

    "Oh yes! Yesss! Please come in", she said with a glean that Beckett did not take well.

    Soon he was resting on a Turkish style sofa, with oakwood backrest holding a lug of soft sheep fur. While the room gave way to a collector's dream, especially when it came to paintings, newspaper articles, sculptures, and others.

    She passed on the dilapidated glasses saying,"This was what I wanted to hand over".

    The antiquity inspector held on to the spectacles, and ascertained the inscription bore on its sides.

    "Pure steel, cubicles of glass elegantly fashioned, and an unique thread made from silk",remarked the inspector

    "Pardon me, in saying this, but I came by to know your history considering its company policy and all..."

    All the while, the old woman only smiled in an unflinching manner.

    "I would however like to know, how you came by the same?",asked the inspector

    "OH! you would know", she said grinning and hysterically laughing at the inspector.

    All of a sudden, every picture frame burst from its mantles, sculptures got knocked off, and articles peeled away.

    The inspector was out of his wits, until he saw there was no one in the room.

    He rushed outside in a mad scramble to collide with a man.

    "Careful there lad! Where were you coming from?", asked the person.

    "I came from.....", and his words only came half way, and stuck with a dull croak.
    He saw that he was standing in a corner street staring into an empty archway between two buildings. There was no door from which he entered.

    Paper clippings wafted around him, it was dated and it revealed the headlines....

    "Oldest half of the couple knighted by the Queen"

    "Police cracks down on illegal gambling den in Eton, connects it to the Crowford's"

    "Crowford couple commits suicide, bank seizes assets"

    Now, Mr. Beckett remembered it all too well. He was the leading officer during his days with the bank, and the couple had taken a debt. There was a scuffle and he fought with an old man knocking his spectacles over. Later he sent a similar gift passed on from generations of his relatives, King George's predecessors themselves and gradually extended as a token of peace, a collector's delight, and most importantly a gift to remember.