• fallen_42 129w

    When skinny girl gets fat
    (From the eye of bully)

    Skinny girl
    Pencil heels
    Heart beats
    Oh you skinny girl
    The jingle bells
    And your ear rings
    As you walk on the land
    We love to give you hand
    For today the wind whirls fiercly
    Oh you skinny girl
    Your frock twirls
    Just like you might do
    Protect yourself for you might fly away
    Like a dove
    And we will laugh
    Oh we will laugh our fates away
    Don't you see skinny girl
    You are an advertisement to the tantrums of our children
    Eat that broccoli or be that skinny girl
    Oh sweet little pencil skinny girl
    Why do you cry
    Tears roll down or do they fall straight
    Because we feast on your self esteem every day
    Lock that door
    Pick that blade
    And pierce your thin skin
    As it bleeds confidence
    Until what remains is a skinny girl
    With a lose outfit
    Oh you need to eat more
    Look, your wrist is the size of our brain
    My brain drained across the flushes of hell
    But well
    Skinny girl
    What would you wear
    When we tear you apart
    As you cry in the gallery behind your hostel room
    Your waist is tiny
    We wrap our ego around
    And it forms two loops
    You skinny girl
    We will haunt you
    Taunt you
    Flaunt my rotting mind
    But damn you skinny girl
    We were just being kind
    And you turned Me into a poetry
    You thin hands
    And long arms
    You sunken cheeks
    And self harms
    Behind the closed door
    Silly girl skinny girl
    Lying on the floor
    From vomiting too hard
    She over ate today
    And now she lies like a clay
    Ready to be moulded into a whimper or a cry
    We spy
    Over her blue veins
    Skinny girl
    We know
    Your blood drains
    Down the corridors of the hostel room
    As your mother pops the question again and again
    "Did you have your breakfast?"
    Skinny girl
    How can we forget the layers of fat
    Over your butt
    And laugh it off as flat ass
    Oh what a sass
    To finally see you gain weight
    As you hate
    Your body so much
    You are afraid to touch
    The hair that fall
    The skin that cries
    And the heart that beats still
    Your heart beats still
    Skinny girl
    You look healthy now
    As you eat food covered in layers of anxiety
    And pray to your local diety
    To make you fat
    Skinny girl you sat
    On the bench near us
    And do you hear me
    We were heavy around you
    we stood up suddenly
    And you grew cold in shame
    Skinny girl your body is to be blamed
    You have put on weight
    As layers of hate deposit under you skin
    Skinny girl you couldnt keep us under your chin
    Oh you look beautiful today
    You have changed
    The pants in the closed fits you now
    Do you vow
    To never forget us
    As we devoured you alive
    And you took a knife
    To your throat and slashed it open
    One day
    Skinny girl
    You found your way
    Oh you died despite
    But your casket isnt heavy to hold
    We are sorry to mould
    you into something your weren't meant to be
    You were always free
    Skinny girl we didn't chain you
    But today
    Your autopsy says
    "Died due to a wake heart"
    Skinny girl is a skeleton now
    And we are falling off the closets
    Like sticks
    Our heads buried in shame
    Who to blame
    The shopkeeper who laughed
    When you wore a size too small
    Or the aunt that called you too thin
    You ate protein powders
    Skinny girl you grew silent, your body's screams louder
    Until it reached our ears
    But you had to wear the final shroud
    Skinny girl we are so proud
    To tame your skin like a Hunter
    Oh what a blunder
    You died instead
    You could have just eaten more
    Skinny girl your story is our gore
    Your body is now degenrated and hard to find
    You revenge taker, poetry maker, we were just being kind