• black_ 121w


    When i thought I'd fade
    I found you, sunshade

    Calling you with shit names
    Oooh that's me on ease
    I can't even ignore the fact that
    You're my peace

    Sometimes i feel like telling you everything i have unrrevealed,
    But what's the fun in that, poopface.
    So i think i'll keep myself concealed,
    Untill we just run away to crappylands without any trace.

    From the scale of 1-10 of being awesome,
    You're minus.
    And if i am rain,
    You are dryness
    P.S in parallel universe

    Never forget that,
    You're shit
    And never ever forget that
    I am lit,
    This is the truth you gotta admit.

    Sometimes i imagine how am i even gonna face you if we ever met
    I wanna do so many crazy things with you even if it makes me regret

    I am literally lacking vocabs right now about how much you mean to me
    If it's meant to be we will be, we will be...we will be....baby if it's meant to be