• khemmie_ray 33w

    I died tonight
    For holding a placard
    Expressing my hopes
    For a better future,
    I died tonight
    Not for holding a gun
    But for raising my voice against
    The imposition to live in fear,
    I died tonight
    Not for being a criminal
    But for making demands for my rights
    "I just want to live",
    I died tonight
    From the loudest response ever heard
    From World Powers to our 'Distress Calls'-
    I died tonight
    Not from the bullets aimed at me
    But from the reality of my own
    Seeking to murder me.
    I died, clenching a bleeding flag
    To my broken heart.
    I died, falling like dry leaves
    To join my comrades on the weeping earth.
    I died, stuck with my fist in the air
    And my anthem escaping my tired lips.
    I died, drowning in the blood
    Of innocent lives lost.
    I died tonight at the Gates of Massacre.

    #lekkigatemassacre, #endsars #prayfornigeria

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    Gates of Massacre

    I died, clenching a bleeding flag to my broken heart.