• keepingcosmic 217w


    Sometimes I hide it behind a plastic smile.

    Other times I just except it for what it is.

    Then there are the moments in which I weaponize it spewing from my lips violently.

    Often I sinfully deny it as if I were Judas himself.

    Occasionally it vindicates my actions.

    Miraculously, it brings me a fleeting instance of clarity.

    No matter how well it’s dressed, what intentions it’s used for, or how commonly it’s overlooked, it remains constant.

    Like the sound of a tree falling in the wilderness unheard by living ears, It’s there.

    It is certainty. It is just. It is the best definition of reality.

    Before there was life, there was truth. If or when life seises to be, it will remain.

    Try it on for size, it’s lighter than the baggage of any lie and costs much less with time.