• babelbombs 151w

    Oftentimes, it sickens me
    to watch people bask in their
    because they have been told
    and reminded
    several times
    how beautiful their flaws are,
    completely and mindlessly desisting,
    even the slightest inclination,
    to improve upon themselves,
    using their flaws as a shield
    to lazily duck from constructive criticism.
    Your flaws are great.
    But what kind of flaws
    are we talking about here?
    Don't accept what you truly feel
    you need to change.
    The answer to this feeling
    can only come from within.
    Introspect. Meditate.
    Seek help.
    Rise above the goddamn hypocrisy.
    Understand what's toxic, for self
    and for people around you.
    Be better.