• somanynames 56w

    The After You

    I watch the sun as I sit at the edge of the road,
    My heart aches, birds chirping
    Dew drops from last night still hangs on the bamboo fence as if not wanting to fall
    I think, I am not alone.
    My mind still takes me places, I least wish to visit
    My heart beat fast but my feet can't seem to take the fall
    The After you.

    Societal knots and family struggle
    Watch us cry, watch us bleed
    It's beautiful
    It's beautiful, for we have seen the nakedness of depression and anxiety
    It's beautiful, for we still smile and laugh hard
    It's beautiful, for we cry together and still strong
    It's beautiful, for we think there is still hope.
    The After You.

    Medications and prayers and support, I live for
    But a constant battle with myself
    Longing for love, the love so strong
    Emotional attachment, Ah!My knees gets weak.
    The After You
    The After You.