• raika_ 39w

    Before you begin to write,
    poetry is not about fancy words
    but rugged souls and raw feelings//

    A poem begins
    with an awkward chuckle
    as restless hands shift the pen
    to and fro in their palms
    while eyes search for a reason
    in the darkness surrounding them;
    but once the ears adjust to the
    roars and throbs
    of the ocean waves and east winds,
    those eyes will rest upon a butterfly
    sitting by the field of peonies
    and the poem will settle on your skin
    naked and vulnerable
    with metaphors engraved within
    and a few veiled meanings
    hidden beneath the blues

    A poem loses itself
    halfway down the page
    into a spiral, just like this one
    and when it'll be hard to spot it's purpose
    it will try to merge with the shades
    of someone else's art
    trying to disappear like a chameleon
    for cowardice lies in all of us
    so hold onto it
    and paint it with something of your own;
    a poem is not always clear skies,
    sometimes it is the myriad of colours
    in a sunset
    or all the greys in a storm
    but most of all,
    the poem is you

    A poem never ends,
    it is simply left unheard
    but it is always there,
    waiting to be written again
    another evening
    when the hearts are in pain
    and art needs a rebirth
    without a death of it's own.

    -raika #rfav

    #arspoetica Art of poetry.

    //A poem should not mean
    But be
    -Archibald MacLeish

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