• djehanepoetry 12w

    Guns, Guns, Everywhere...

    What does a gun represent ?
    Simply death, at the end of its barrel...
    Why take such a responsibility into your hands?
    Who would wish to be held accountable
    For killing someone, interrupting his laughter,
    Putting an end to his joys, making orphans
    Out of his children, depriving parents of their little ones?
    If the victims survive, they might be disabled for life!
    How could anyone live with such a guilty conscience?
    Is hatred sufficient to trigger a gunshot?
    Does a difference in opinion justify a shooting spree,
    Ending someone's hopes and wishes?
    Whether the victim is young or old,
    Interfering with his destiny is a sinful crime...
    Pulling the trigger could prove easier than
    Stabbing someone to death...
    It is more effective to unleash a spray of bullets
    On a crowd, letting them fly at random...
    After all, if you own a gun, you may want to use it,
    So, why be tempted to end a life created by God?

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2013

    Private Collection