• maoahi 6w

    Tell me, if my dreams hold you
    Even if its sometimes
    I am still drinking the glass of wine
    That you poisoned back in time
    Didn't want to do all of it once
    So was going step by step
    Stopped on every floor for a lift
    And found it working fine on like second one
    Like a opportunity of lifetime
    Took the chance and just when the door opened
    I was already in sky
    Hanging on as much as I can
    Now that I don't have many options
    Nothing much to do
    Well, it's not the sweetest pain
    Nor it's the bitterest of tears
    Can't say I knew it coz' I really didn't
    What could've possibly happened
    If you had received me on the other side
    Or came jumping with a parachute
    Something that can be told as a climax
    As now it's not even a story
    Just something I did
    And just the way it turned out
    I will land when I will, wherever I will
    I gave all of it in one go
    No conditions, No restrictions
    I am not gonna get my interest back
    So however whenever I stand still
    Tryna make sure I don't do
    Anywhere near you
    Till then, you can
    Tell me if my dreams hold you