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    Hey... lovely people!!!! How are you all out they. Well i hope you all are safe and doing great. This is a poem i have written asking god why is this virus out here and what is he doing to stop it. Hope you all like it and share it and also follow me on mirakee as well as Instagram. Also if you are having depression anxiety or any kind of problems feel free too dm me and i will love to help you cope with it.
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    Locked up for days;
    Standstill the world stays;
    Is this how God plays;
    Or is this the doomsday.
    Man distant from man;
    World governments got no plan;
    Man's in anger, Man's in hunger;
    Famlies being ripped apart;
    Fear gripped to the heart.
    Why God are you listening?
    What's wrong are you sleeping?
    Or is this a part of your planning;
    The major comeback or something.
    Is this the time you come and say;
    I'm here to guide you on heavens way;
    Sorry to say there's been a delay;
    Cause thousand lost their lives today ;
    Now don't say the bad perish.
    Cause every born has the right to live;
    Right to play; right to thrive and cherish.
    If you created;
    You can repair it;
    But endless rain and virus are no ways of changing it;
    Sorry to say you dont deserve it.
    "From dust we can to dust we shall returnest....a virus out break sure we can defeat it."