• pawanrajak 21w

    Stitches and Wounds!

    you have to stitch the wounds that you had from your childhood till now to have a better future. You may feel like "ah" what bullshit is he talking about?

    When you were hurt or emotionally broken in the past , as far i know , you were a grown up child but yes a "child". At that time , may be you were not able to deal with yourself and the situation and now those things are still inside you , biasing your decisions about yourself or about the decision of choosing the same people you chose in the past because in those cases when you had rejections from different category of people , suppose friends , opposite sex or may be anyone .

    Today, you may have better people . You may have better friends , relationship partners but if you are still not happy, then there is possibility that you are trying to find out the same kind of person , who rejected you in past so it could make you feel like, " yes, i am a perfect boy or girl". It may be driving you to feel the same level of satisfaction you had when those people are in your life that you wanted to have in the past.

    A teenager or a child has a completely different psychology from a person who ages btw 28-30. To have a better satisfied life, you have to stitch the wound that you had in your past. Dont try to find the same people. Life goes on. Dont let your emotions bias your decision of choosing the right people on the basis of your understanding and maturity that you have gained with time. There is a specific point that i would like to mention about the maturity that you have gained. Even your maturity may be highly biased because it is based on the conclusions made by your inner child when you had lots of rejections , pains and sufferings . The conclusions that you have drawn may be dangerous for your upcoming future.

    You have to make yourself understand a very common fact that the kind of people that you tried to have in your past are not the ones that will make you happy at present and probably, they would not be stabilising your life. You would still be a very unhappy person. Try to come out of the immature conclusions that you made from your childhood till now. Same things are not going to be repeated i.e. the sufferings that you have gone through. Stitch all your wounds rather than ignoring them and allowing them to affect the better future and happy life that you can have easily with a bit of understanding and accepting the inner you!

    30 Dec. 2021