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    I just felt the need to tell you this but I haven't murdered someone, in case you got any ideas! ��

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    Who do you tell your deepest secrets to?
    Where do you hide your dark past?

    Is there an alley that leads you to a land so barren where I can just bury it once and for all?

    Is there a sea so wide that I can throw my bottled up confessions into and not worry about it ever reaching any land?

    Where can I find a mountain so high that will not give me echos back of what I scream out of my lungs?

    How much more do I have to suppress it within myself?
    How long have I got before it bursts out and lays everything out in the open?
    How long before the truth spills out itself?

    How many more times do I have to lie to everyone?
    How many more times do I have to lie to myself?

    Or can I just keep it like this forever?