• sumiinked 7w

    • fathom its scabo-sigh •

    i saw masquerade upright
    the marrow, which spleen
    the satire until salwa judum
    the Shakespeare(d) aperte
    the discombobulated wine
    "I am fine" - merlot tangerine
    on the attire of eighteenth,
    wear autopsy, it steadily
    puffed out amaranth and
    the emancipated beneath
    the unfamiliar words, it has.
    But believe me, it forpe a
    sour evacuated fortnight of
    Healthcliff & Catherine.

    i saw realism fibbing, perfidy
    f o r e v e r & the forbidded
    goodbye on Van Gogh's vainer.
    - It never be Romeo & Juliet -
    The starry night stuttered,
    & the daydreams of spring
    wither before autumn.a hand
    on absquatulation saying
    hurt and his fornication to
    rein obliterated f a u l t s. it
    augured up flotsam & tore
    the dissection of his death.
    he left, and forelsket myth.

    i saw the hunted fireflies
    on my collar bone wearing
    all kinds of outskirts and
    the unknown today, it said
    the dysthymia till maestral
    elflock intumescented.
    coquilot accordion and his
    schmaltzy rejigged cruses.
    somedays I'm someone else
    to chew the curse, death said.

    _cheveret red-string and lusty larynx.

    *salwa judum: purification hunt(in my local, koitur)
    *Healthcliff & Catherine are characters from a book by Emily Bronte.

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