• mamrita98 60w

    Indisposed feelings!

    Sitting all alone,
    In a room full of darkness,
    With a pinch of light residing in it,

    Trying to figure out,
    About my indisposed feelings,
    Which are ripping my heart like a glaive,
    Making me feel little dithery,

    Don't know what it is,
    May be,
    A desire of perceiving everything perfectly,
    But not able to,
    Not able to leave everything to universe,
    Not able to be patient with all this,
    May be because everything is in process,
    Everything is imperfectly perfect,
    But still not able to accept,

    Don't know,
    How to prevail over its loud,dominant voice?
    How to prevail upon it and defeat it?
    So thought to embrace it,
    By penning it down,
    In the hope of something revitalizing to happen,

    Hope you are getting me,my emotions and what I m going through!