• pa_luck 8w

    There's a reason
    and it isn't me
    that brings him a smile
    but it's enough
    for me to have one.


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    It's Okay

    There's a sun
    and he ain't on fire
    because of me
    but gleams enough
    to send me a ray.

    There's a march
    and they aren't alive
    ample to sail through
    but they form a queue
    which spares me some space.

    There's a montessori
    and it ain't aging
    along with the banayan tree
    but this spectrum of time
    is the necessary reality check.

    There's a distinction
    and it isn't the differences
    that marks the silhouette
    but shades sufficiently well
    to shape my identity.

    There's a risk
    and i ain't taking it
    after risking it all
    but it does reminds me
    of unseen sides of phantom.

    There's a creator
    and he isn't procreating
    after his human edition
    but it helps my intert state
    as we are running out of ideas.