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    Kinda busy these days, so I won't be here much. Love you loads!
    This piece is fully inspired by the bg, which I found in Pinterest.

    @writersnetwork thanks a million for the repost. You guys are the best! ��✨


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    They told me
    ������ �������� ������'���� �������� ������������

    ���� �� ����������
    ������ �� ����������
    ������ �� ����������
    ������ �� ����������

    But the sheep refuse to jump
    And sleep refuses to come
    So it's just me and them
    On the too large bed
    And they've crawled over to your side…
    Mussed up the sheets…
    Straightened the pillows…

    So that when I lean over
    To inhale the lingering scent
    Of the perfume I gave you last Valentines…
    A wad of wool goes up my nose

    ������ �� ������������ ����������
    �� ����������
    ������ �� ����������
    ������ �� ����������…

    Till I'm spitting out pieces
    Of my broken heart
    With every other cough

    And you just watch
    Smiling from your photo frame
    On the bedside table

    The sheep and I
    We stare at you
    At kiss swollen lips
    And cotton candy stained fingers
    The brightest flame
    Among the carnival lights

    "We" means, me and my sleepless nights
    It's been so long
    Since "We" meant
    "You" and "Me"

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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