• radha_bajaj3 49w


    No! No Salman Khan
    It's Sultan..
    People use to call her "Sultan"
    And she use to ask me
    " Am I So Fat?"
    Me while giving her sympathy says "No"
    I don't know what people's think about her
    But for me she is above all

    My life without you is like
    Sweet without sugar
    Flower without sunshine
    And me without you is nothing
    Whenever I remember 7&8th grade
    I just have big smile on my face☺

    You are my life's part
    If we are apart
    There is no fun part
    At last my ears love to listen
    "Teri wali Anusha"
    Actually I am blessed that
    we have 2 Anusha's in school
    And I got a chance to make you fool

    Love you Sultan.❤