• vanshikatandon 173w

    The anatomy of a cold-hearted human.

    Ps. The starting talks about a heart caged inside ice and how the wall of the heart struggles and how the bad influence spreads to arteries and further to the other parts.
    Now, it signifies the adulteration of a human, how that cold toxins take over the good warmth.

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    Cold Hearted.

    The fluent beating of the fragile walls,
    is opposed by the thick, translucent cage,
    while the thumping of the heart pushes the enveloping enclosure,
    the persistent barrier coordinates with the rhythm of the prisoner.

    The frigid veil induces bitter coldness,
    and the elastic walls experience shiver,
    while the red warmth is slowly washed off,
    numbing the natural essence of the beating heart.

    These elastic, firm walls now fumble,
    leaking the obnoxious adulterant into the blood,
    this bitter malice unnoticed by the white blood cells,
    mixes smoothly altering the composition of the sacred red.

    The pure arteries in vicinity of the gloom,
    are filled with the concocted malevolent fluid,
    the thin walls of these pipes are rusting because of the frost,
    turning their natural colour into sombre blue.

    The contagious coldness slowly seeps into every part,
    failing the coordination between the various organs,
    the brain is damaged, brittle and cold,
    with its emotional judgement wet and dead.

    The frozen body now enough damaged,
    craves to transfer the non-fatal cancer,
    impairing empathy with their hazardous company,
    these cold-hearted humans are the reason of epidemic of insensitivity.