• hustlersdiary 21w


    It's not always about winning and be at the top. What is at the top anyway? It's lonely up there. You work so hard to be alone, and then all your life you crave connection and love. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't work hard to have a better life. If life gives you the opportunity if you are lucky enough that you get a chance to observe life beyond materialism, you should grab it.
    I think you should live every failure, kiss every downfall, be gratified by all the rough days. Everyone has a different tale of battles and miracles, some have too much and some have nothing at all, you might not share anything in common with others but at the same time, you share everything in common. The greatest of them all is death. No one is escaping that. You gotta face it anyway, so why die before, why die every day? Why leave early? You can stay a little longer. Now you might think what's the point of it?
    But there's no point in killing yourself either. You might feel all miserable but as long as you're breathing and that courageous heart is beating, you still got it. And at this point there's shouldn't be any point of why's? Do you know the actual reason why you were born? No one knows. You might have beliefs, theories, etc but no one knows so why bother about so many questions, they are there just to confuse you more.
    If you're fortunate enough to get a chance to make a choice, save a life, be good to someone please don't let it go. Because these will be the times when you'd feel the most alive, anything beyond these seconds you're merely breathing because you gotta. It can be a hard, brutal, and unfair life but sometimes it gets easier with acceptance and I think that's the hardest part. Yet with acceptance welcome every hardship life throws at you and step by step change your life, remember don't skip the step, and when you reach the last step you will witness the existence.