• twographites 24w


    Don't love someone fondly enough, he said
    I'm a wallflower on the wall between us,
    And an ode to forever remain.
    Sublime touch and those little giggles i treasure,
    But yet this night, we are nothing but floating cherries
    In a glass of cheap liquor, half drunk
    on our reckless love, but he said
    "I will break your heart", I perplexed.
    Conquer pain, he had commanded,
    But what does pain feel like?
    I'm hurting but, there's a chance that
    Maybe I have forgotten, or
    Maybe i never knew pain what pain was, until
    Until, this hollowness inside me
    was being made aware of my wretched existence.
    This night, I'll carnivalesque anarch
    While Four o clock crumbles the last of stars.
    I'm a phantom in dark denims,
    And my favorite haunt being your dark blue eyes,
    I'll bribe myself for love, but then,
    And then he said, "you labour lie."
    Things are dire when snow Swallows young women
    nevertheless, I was on my knees
    and i felt love, growing inside my bones and, but--
    But he said, "and now you're broken"
    There are some love stories which are better left unspoken.
    And now that i think of it,
    Maybe i had forgotten what love felt like.


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    Anaesthetics and a love so beautiful