• duke511 57w

    #Leehi Dedicated to those who’ve had a suffocating day
    To those who try so hard to breathe in a suffocating world.

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    Take a deep breath
    until both sides of your heart get numb just until it hurts a little
    Take a deeper breath
    till you feel like there’s nothing left inside

    It’s alright if you run out of breath
    no one is blaming you
    It’s okay if you make mistakes from time to time
    Everyone does.

    Someones sigh, that heavy breath
    How can I possibly even try to understand it?
    Even though I cant understand it’s depths
    I’ll still hold you

    Even if others think your sigh
    takes out energy and strength
    I already know, that you had a day
    that’s hard enough to let out even a small sigh
    Don’t think of anything else and just let it out

    Although comforting by saying it’s alright
    are just words,

    You’ve done really well
    You’re doing a good job
    I love you ❤️