• shadowofthoughts_ 18w

    Y O U

    When I look in the mirror,
    I see feathers fading away.
    Everything keeps me close,
    I think I'm moving on but
    I'm never really going on.

    Chasing Danger,
    Looking for strangers.
    When I look in the mirror,
    I see the reflection I know
    and I don't.

    All I think is about you,
    You broke all rules but
    you never could get out of me.
    Oh, I don't know your name,
    It seems same as mine.
    Love like this is not a crime.

    I see the reflection,
    thinking 'what's up beautiful?'
    You've seen so much of me,
    I've always been with you.
    And I look into the mirror, I do.
    The whites in your eyes,
    surround the Browns
    like stars in galaxies.

    It'll always be you, oh I care for you.
    Your scars are same as mine.
    You are my solivagnant soul
    And I am your shore.

    Darling, I am YOU.