• woodsorrels 11w

    Sunday Sermon

    You breathe
    Yet again strive to live
    It's not always about the sap of peaches
    And the holy incense of roses nor
    It is about the soft hazelnut crunch
    Life is unpredictable
    As the ill-timed sun or rain
    Or the uninvited pain
    It lends you situations scattered
    And solutions in a crowd
    Failure in daylight
    And fortune at night
    101 phases of frustration
    Uncountable times to slam your skull
    Sufferings in a bundle
    And joy in sachets
    A grind at your brain
    Heart a wayfarer at war
    Yet you breathe
    And never stop striving
    Free yourself where it shackles you
    Put in the boots when it kicks
    Learn to fly when your road is blocked
    Wear your heart on your head
    And float where it ducks you down