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    One day I realized, I was never alone. A friend was always there, giving subtle help.
    By making my life run smoothly over the hurdles of my self proclaimed fears

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    S H A D O W S

    Everyday it happens, I squeeze out from their soul, at the dawn, like they are my constants - the humans, animals and almost anything that extends from the Mariana Trench to the damned atmosphere.

    Perhaps that's why they feel rejuvenated at sunrise. I rise and rise, extracting each ounce of darkness from their body, till their sack of anxiety is all mine.

    I have witnessed everything, literally everything. From the beauty of the other side to the absurdity of these homo-sapiens, I have seen the works of their delusional minds to the misconceptions of their ambivalent emotions.
    But atleast I am loyal, sticking with them in their times of melancholy, unlike their own.

    The best part: I rule.
    I am the only darkness they cannot drive away, the inevitable lord; makes me rather complacent about my narcissistic personality.

    Not that I am entirely different from the human beings, we share a lot in common.
    We both share the common experience of darkness. Humans, as I see, are surrounded by the darkness all the time, having lost the golden aura they once had, lost it to the inanimate objects, making themselves materialistic, making themselves crave for drops of pleasure.

    Also, neither I, nor they, can breathe underwater. The fishes have lost a companion like me, their bad. But I still exist, faded, vague, yet ironically glorious.

    I don't know how to move on with life, maybe because my life is attached to the matter and light. Hopefully someone will learn from me someday, that to exist in an elongated successful life, you have to stay in the light of happiness, whilst staying in your own shoes, stuck to the ground and never disrespecting your foundation.

    Just to clear the feeling of malaise in the air, let me make it clear - I am immortal. Just a bit afraid of the dark.
    But that's the beauty of darkness, it can either consume you just by amplifying your own handmade fears, or it can embrace you like no other friend.
    In my case, it's the former.

    So when the night approaches, I dissolve in it, along with your sack of anxiety and agony, blasting into the vast universe.
    Perhaps that's why they say, time heals all wounds. Sadly mistaken.

    ©Vedant Sehgal