• __bhavya__15 60w

    The Theory Of Emptiness.

    When you fall in love, you tend to surrender yourself to your loved one. You believe in everything they say without looking into the facts. You go to any extent just to see them happy. But miserable fact about people in love is they lose interest with time. Maybe your story is all about butterflies and fairytales at the beginning, but there is no promise that the person will carry out the same affection, efforts and attention till the end. They tend to draw apart eventually. Especially when you are engulfed, addicted and drowned in their love. You choose them, over anyone else, under any circumstance and even before yourself. And then suddenly you are the only giver in the relationship. You give and will keep giving even if it empties you. You will put all you heart, soul and body to make things work. Little do you realise that in the process of maintaining the equilibrium you lose your self too. That's the thing about love, isn't it? You will never be able to give up. You will never get tired. You will never be able to unlove. Love overcomes everything. Even the voidness that it creates.