• not_yours 18w

    Life's a Bitch

    He is an ex-service man and had spent half of his life serving.He rarely got to spend time with us. He used to wake up 5:30 went for morning run( to keep the soldiers in shape) and than he came back 7-8 am left for office came back by 2 pm for lunch and then again left at 4pm and back by 8-9 pm.
    I remember when he used to come for lunch, I used to sleep on his shoulder and you may feel it yuk but I had always loved my dad's odour, I used to love his armpit smell and after his lunch dad always used to hold me in his arms and sleep ( the best safest place)
    I always thought after his retirement we could travel to places as a family and spend time but I guess life had some other plans.
    He is in his 60's and a kidney patient, thrice in a week he supposed to go for dialysis and he dad gone so week like I could see his bones entirely.Isaw him in his green uniform and now like this, it absolutely kills me from inside.