• _trivia 123w

    I always blamed him for breaking my heart and taking a part of my soul along.
    Maybe he did not take it at all. Maybe, just maybe he left a part of his soul with me. His habits, his ideas, his laughter, his jokes. So after he left, I can't get enough of his habits and ideas. His laughter has haunted me for ages now and I half smile at his lame jokes even now. I play his favourite songs, aiming to find him there hopelessly. I can feel him in those subtle moments because he's left behind a part of his soul I'm those very songs. Maybe the portion he left was what he did not need anymore.

    Maybe when people leave, it's not that we become incomplete. It's just that we're carrying their pieces around, maybe that's why our hearts feel heavy. We're burdened by the extra baggage that they've left, the discarded portion of their soul. Unless we decide to throw it away, we won't feel lighter. When we throw them away eventually, we'll ultimately be whole again. #love #life #thoughts #diary

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