• samuelsanthoshkumar 34w

    Was and is true .

    No word no emotion , no care , no thing , no person , no feeling can replace, you except the one God above ,you were the only one who made me feel worthy to live , made me feel like smiling , made me smile truely , still remember your small efforts with great love ,but my fate my mind didn't find difference and my heart was stupid to hurt you in evry little thing I did ,

    Fate has played his part and you left me , departed to no were i can see or feel or be , to invisibility , a lonly man left just more broke ,guilted and pained ...

    Till now i mean evry word that i told you ,, evry word from i love you to i miss you ,and I'm sorry.

    Though water becomes ice or vaper it's still water , though my love is hurt , guilted and fated and thrown ,he was and is true ....