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    My Faith

    I wanted to take sides with the devil
    Wasn't scared of going to hell, at least i knew where I was going
    I never would pledge my allegiance to a God of uncertainties
    "Do this and that perhaps in his mercy he might accept you in paradise", So we were told.

    But they were wrong and I was glad
    You gave your word, "shall never perish".
    For a seal you gave your spirit.
    Alas! You're not mysterious, desiring earnestly to be known.
    You took our form in your majesty
    What you'd done and will do was what you did.

    You paid the price in full,
    Announced my freedom and victory
    How'd you loose a battle you already won?
    How'd you loose a soul you bought for so much?
    It's either you lied about it being finished or they lied about knowing you.