• ursanonymous_ 6w

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    Whenever I find my mind whirled,
    I think of vanishing into the fantasy world .

    There I see all the fictional characters together,
    Then realising these are the imaginations I had to gather.

    More than people they connect with us ,
    More closer to our heart and feelings ,
    They distract us from all the filthy fuss.

    Sometimes they teach us more ,
    And make it clear that life's hard and sore.

    And their absence is unbearable now,
    For they teach us when and what actions to take and how.

    Their presence in real is just like a dream ,
    But the thought of them being in reality is itself as sweet as some cream .

    And finally they are like some guardian,
    They help me become a survival and a champion.

    :~) The shape of voice ‚ú®