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    Finite Horizon : Part-1

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    At this point whoever reading this
    is clear to his/her ideologies and
    vision towards what unknown is
    awaiting for them to behold.

    *That sound like a
    generic literature stuff.
    I sometimes never understand
    how things like above pop-up
    in my head.
    They sound so classy.*

    I am here to mention
    a simple question...
    "Why are you reading this ?"
    It is really difficult to put forward
    something appealing to read and
    interesting to conclude while
    providing yourself a result of
    the write-up you began to pen.

    *Writer to writer talk*

    Sometimes (most of the times)
    things don't make sense,
    to yourself at all.
    But is it that necessary something
    to have a plausible meaning
    for it to be viable to co-exist
    with the norms and regulations
    we all agree (and disagree
    at certain points) ?

    But we are not always obedient
    towards the establishments
    that surrounds us all the time,
    otherwise we would have never
    discovered the term called truth.

    Of course I did not mention "lie",
    no one wants that to be discovered.
    Even then we go along with truth
    which are not absolute but since
    it is being accepted by the majority
    and you also being a part of it,
    you don't dig too much deep
    into the truth, do you ?

    Worse is for the minority who
    have plagued their faith from
    acknowledging facts and continuing
    their own journey to find anything
    that would at some point before
    they break completely ensures
    the different path didn't lead to
    a dead end.

    Positivity is something that
    gets exhausted really fast.
    This phenomenon happens even worse
    when you yourself put together
    all the right pieces of against
    the foundation of your well-being,
    that is a fact for the lie we breathe.

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